Running for State Rep


I’m Evelyn Logan from Rochester NH and I’m running for House of Representatives in District 01, Strafford County, serving the City of Rochester. To contact me by e-mail, write me at

I’ve been thinking about what you need to know about me and why I’m running for NH State Representative.

I’m an American, a wife, the mother of two wonderful grown children, a writer, illustrator, editor, sadly mediocre photographer, gardener, avid reader, and go fishing as a form of meditation (sometimes I even bait the hook). I crochet, knit occasionally, sew if I have to, and write poetry that has been published but I won’t tell you where for fear you’ll look it up. I survived polio at age 3 and was able to walk again thanks to the dedication of my parents and grandparents, then lived through diphtheria at age 9, and the death of my father when I was 12 (he was 34). The philosophy I developed from those and other life events is that every day on the right side of the grass is a gift.

We moved to New Hampshire from Texas in 1986 when Data General opened the Durham plant. I promised to stay for one year to help set up the Technical Publications department and then move back to Austin, where I had a job waiting for me with another computer company, and had a few more choices, as well.

Then, I fell in love with this beautiful, amazing state and its independent-minded residents, and have been here for 24 years with no intention of leaving. If a Texan voluntarily lives anywhere outside of Texas, it has to be a pretty special place, and New Hampshire certainly is that!

Any of you who know me probably know me as a gun rights activist and NRA Instrucgtor and Training Counselor, and 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor.  You may have heard me testify before committees in Concord, too.  Some of you may also know me due to my being on the Rochester School Board, too.

In a nutshell, I’ve been shooting since I was 5 years old, which is the age at which Daddy taught me, and each of my siblings in turn, to safely handle and shoot guns (and the age at which I taught my own children). I am a rape survivor, and I am a rape attempt survivor; the second time was just an attempt because I was armed. It is my personal goal to train every woman and child I possibly can in the safe and effective use of firearms so that they are all safer, and so that they can make an informed choice about owning/carrying guns. And I have no objection to training men, either, and do so. ;o)

I am a Justice of the Peace and I have the New Hampshire Pistol/Revolver License for concealed carry, so you know that I have passed background checks and am not a felon or domestic abuser, and have not yet been adjudicated mentally ill. If you’re interested, I also have had my rabies shots (rabid fox incident and, more recently, a booster due to a feral cat bite), and thus you know that any rumors that I am mad are clearly unfounded.

Basically, gun rights is my “line in the sand.” I know, as you should, that anyone who wants me disarmed is not my friend. In fact, anyone who wants to destroy ANY of my natural rights, including but not limited to those protected by the Constitutions of the United States and of New Hampshire, is my enemy … and yours. The protection of our right to keep and bear arms, and all of our other rights, is the primary reason I am running for office.

I am a past-state coordinator for Second Amendment Sisters, past-vice president and newsletter editor of Gun Owners of New Hampshire, past-director and current newsletter editor for Major Waldron Sportsmen’s Association, am a member of GO-NH, Major Waldron’s, Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, American Women’s Self Defense Association, Pink Pistols, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Armed Females of America, Women Against Gun Control, Mother’s Arms, life member of the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and a life endowment member of the NRA. There are more, but I can’t think of them right now and will add them later if I remember.

As I said before, I am a 4-H Shooting Sports Instructor, teaching children ages 8 to 18 safe gun handling and proper use and an NRA-certified instructor, rated in First Steps, Home Firearm Safety, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, and Refuse To Be A Victim (an awareness and avoidance seminar). I have taken all of those training courses and am also a graduate of Lethal Force Institute 1 and 2 (as is my husband).

While I am most passionate about guarding our right to keep and bear arms (now confirmed by the Supreme Court of the US as an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT, as of course it is … YEA!), it is not the only issue of terrific import in this election, and indeed always, for a free people.

Rather than go on a rant – as I’m told I have a habit of doing – about each issue, I’ll make a list of my positions on the issues in the “Issues” section, which you can access by clicking on it in the left hand menu.

I have proudly signed the Coalition of NH Taxpayers Pledge to oppose any broad-based tax and the NH Advantage Coalition Pledge to control government spending. I will say NO to a state income tax, NO to a state sales tax, and YES to spending caps.

I have filled out and returned the NH Liberty Alliance Candidate Questionnaire and am happy to send a PDF copy of my answers (via e-mail attachment) to anyone who requests it. I look forward to receiving other surveys and pledges from GO-NH, the NRA, and any other freedom-oriented organization, and my answers to those will also be available.

New Hampshire is NOT “Massachusetts Lite,” in spite of a prolonged assault on us to make it so. I simply cannot understand why people move to New Hampshire to get away from the hell they created elsewhere and then try to turn our wonderful, unique state into a copy of the hell they escaped.

I reckon that’s enough for now. Questions? Comments? Contact me at


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